The activity of the KAWKA company includes comprehensive solutions related to design, implementation and production – we create a project, develop technology, execute the order and deliver the final product. When implementing the project, we combine the client’s idea, common experience, individual approach, adopted standards, availability of materials and technical capabilities. We provide support and advice at every stage of project implementation. Thanks to this, we are perceived by our clients as a proven and valued business partner implementing contract production. Over the years, our company has marked its presence on the Polish and foreign market thanks to comprehensive supplies of components for companies in the furniture, construction and energy industries. We are constantly developing and modernizing the machinery park, increasing the production possibilities, which allows us to professionally and flexibly adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients.

About the company


The vision of our company is to be a leader in providing comprehensive solutions for business on the domestic market and expanding operations to new markets.



Our company’s mission is to provide “tailor-made” solutions for business thanks to creativity and an unconventional approach. We are a reliable partner implementing contract production, and our advantage is innovation and adaptation of solutions to an individual project.


Our principles of business conduct:

Quality and safety

The highest quality of products and services as well as security of supply form are the basis of the company’s philosophy.

Care for the natural environment

We pay attention to minimizing the negative impact of our activities on the environment.

Good business ethics

Our relationships and business methods are based on compliance with the law and the application of good business ethics. We demand integrity and honesty from ourselves, our clients and suppliers.

Responsibility for the product and services

As a valued business partner, we take full responsibility for our products and services.

Responsible purchasing

We make responsible purchases and set specific requirements to our suppliers. We regularly monitor the level of service offered by our suppliers to deliver products of the highest quality.